Building Decoupled Better

We caught up with John Doyle, the CEO of Digital Polygon, shortly after his team relaunched their agency website using Pantheon’s decoupled solution, Front-End Sites. Doyle created Digital Polygon four years ago to deliver cutting-edge solutions to clients' most challenging business problems through the use of open-source technologies.

Decoupled Architectures: What Computer Assembles the Websites

An alphabet soup of website rendering initialisms flooded the last decade of website operations. Even the seemingly simple ones like SSG and SSR (Static Site Generation and Server-Side Rendering) obfuscate that in practice they often mix in a fair amount of Client-Side Rendering too.

How to Avoid Building the Wrong Website

Subjective opinions, lack of user research and too many cooks in the kitchen can derail your site. Follow these seven steps to take back control.

The Anatomy of WebOps Teams: Pantheon's Experience

Learn what talent you need for a successful website experience On WebOps teams, there’s no place for a siloed marketer or a lone developer. Pantheon knows this from experience. Read our story about growing pains and winning strategies.  

Need Help with Your Website? Stop by Pantheon Office Hours!

Ask questions, get help, give feedback. Stop by Pantheon Office Hours to get help and troubleshoot issues with real developers. Every Wednesday at 11am PT (2pm ET), members of our Developer Advocacy team are available to help with your questions. There’s no need to register; you can simply show up! You join the office hours by clicking the “Join Now” link on the Office Hours web page.   

Headless CMS: It’s More Than Just the Back End

Pantheon Co-Founder Josh Koenig has been discussing the potential of Headless CMS for the better part of the last decade. He admitted he got some things wrong about it. Here’s the scoop.

Making Sense of WebOps and DevOps

In this Forbes article, you’ll learn how WebOps is different from DevOps and what kind of team it takes to move the needle.

How to Use Your Website as a Marketing Tool

Pantheon’s co-founder Josh Koenig offers three tips on how to empower your post-pandemic websites in a VentureBeat article. Hero image by Igor Miske via Unsplash.